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Allan M Gardner

Oxfordshire-based Music Electronics Engineer
 Guitar / Bass 

Effects Pedals
  Effects Pedal Servicing
I have extensive experience with effects pedals, particularly traditional analogue units. They can suffer badly in normal everyday use, after all they get stomped on pretty often!

In a general service I will cover:
  • Visual check of the pedal: good earths, jacks, pots, switches, etc.
  • Power supply, if used, is working correctly.
  • Cleaning of all connections: eg. switches, pots, jacks.
  • Battery and function checking.

  • If any repairs are required I will let you know what and how much it is going to cost before going ahead with the work.
    If you already know your pedal needs some repairs, or something has been found during a routine service, then I can sort it out for you at our standard rate.
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